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Trek'n Eat

It doesn't matter if you are on foot, in a boat, in a cabin or at the top. Experience helps you feel alive and relaxed ... and the food that feeds you plays more than just a secondary role.

You want natural, light, convenient and easy to prepare, but don't forget the very important "yum factor". Freeze-dried meals and Trek'n Eat snacks offer you all that and much more.

You can count on the expectation of a satisfying, nutritious, balanced and revitalizing meal that leaves you warm and happy inside. Forget preservatives, artificial colors or flavor enhancers.

Packaged in waterproof and resealable packages, the German-made Trek'n Eat offers simply delicious quality and experience that fits your palette.

Trek'n Eat is a brand of the Katadyn Group portfolio. The Katadyn Group is a global corporate group with a broad portfolio of brands specializing in the area of ​​self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply. The group provides products and solutions for the marine and outdoor industries, as well as for industrial and municipal needs. Humanitarian aid organizations and the army for years have been regular customers of the Swiss group of companies.


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