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CRKT Columbia River Knife and Tool

From the beginning, CRKT® has been driven by one purpose: to bring useful technological advances and totally new product concepts to the market. This has led to partnerships with the best designers in the world and manufacturers of custom knives. The result is products that are visually stunning and technically superior, offering innovations that have defined the forefront of the industry, as well as the AutoLAWKS ™ security system, the IKBS ball bearing pivot system, and the OutBurst® help mechanism opening. CRKT® currently owns 15 patents and pending patents.

Whether for daily carrying, tactical missions, hunting and fishing, even survival situations, CRKT® knives, lifestyle tools and accessories are specially designed to instill confidence in those who proudly carry them. Every day he is put to the test at work, in the forest, in the mountains, and even on the battlefield by people who value preparation performance and demand. If it is not at your level, then it is not up to ours.

CRKT® products are manufactured using the most advanced production equipment and systems. Our model to get our products to market emphasizes excellence and efficiency. We believe that everyone should be able to afford to carry knives and tools of the highest quality.

At CRKT®, integrity is fundamental to the way we have chosen to do business. This means that the construction products they perform reliably, for sports, work, professional, and lifestyle activities. It also means making a promise to our customers that we will deal with them honestly and directly. Copy of that promise is a customer service department and an exceptional warranty program. For us, standing behind our customers is as critical as standing behind our products.


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