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Lifeventure, is a British brand, founded by Mark Cobham, more than 20 years ago.
The idea arose thanks to his passion for traveling the world, so he began to think about how to improve the travel experience, creating resistant, light, safe and functional products.
Products designed and created by Lifeventure are inspired by the needs of explorers, adventurers, travelers and athletes.
They are products designed and manufactured in Great Britain, where the most advanced techniques and materials have been used, to obtain as a result exceptional products, for travel, sports and outdoor activities.
Among the products created by Lifeventure there is a wide range of transport bags, backpacks, wallets, suitcases, fanny packs, safety accessories, washing and hygiene items or equipment for sleeping, eating or drinking, among others.
Among the priorities, the safety and comfort of the adventurer has been taken into account, to allow him to be more focused on the practice of his activities, and enjoy his experiences in a comfortable and safe way.


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