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Grangers Down Care Kit + 3 Dryer Balls
Grangers Down Care Kit + 3 Dryer Balls
Grangers Down Care Kit + 3 Dryer Balls

Grangers Down Care Kit + 3 Dryer Balls

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Grangers Down Care Kit down care kit + 3 drying balls, to facilitate cleaning, protection and drying of the down, guaranteeing its optimal performance.

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The Grangers Down Care Kit + 3 dryer balls is the perfect combination of Grangers Wash + Repel Down 2 in 1 cleaner + waterproofer - 300 ml with three dryer balls, which facilitates the task of cleaning, protecting and drying down items, guaranteeing their optimal performance.

The cleaner + waterproofing Grangers Wash + Repel Down 2 in 1 - 300 ml, is the perfect combination of two functions in the same product, effective cleaning and long-lasting repellency, specially designed for down items.

This practical product contains a 2-in-1 formula, which saves a lot of time, since with a single treatment two different effects are achieved. On the one hand, powerful cleaning and on the other, a long-lasting waterproofing treatment. In addition, it works by maximizing breathability and restoring density.

The use of this product, in addition to saving time, also saves water and energy.

Down items are one of the most used to explore nature, as they make us feel dry and warm. But for down garments to continue providing optimal performance, they must be cared for properly and with specific products. In this way, it is necessary to ensure that the down articles are clean before applying any waterproofing treatment, since otherwise, it could impair their performance.

This product is perfect for all those who do not have time to carry out the two processes separately, first clean and then waterproof.

In addition, this extraordinary formula 2 and 1 from Grangers, means a lower impact on the environment, since it cleans and waterproofs in a single wash.

This 2-in-1 product comes in a new 300 ml bottle, which is 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR), which also helps care for the environment.

It is a PFC-free product and approved by Bluesign®.

The kit also includes three practical dryer balls, which can be used up to 1,000 times, and help down garments dry properly, guaranteeing correct volume restoration, avoiding lumpy areas and caked In this way the optimal performance of the down is guaranteed. The use of tennis balls for this purpose is not recommended, since they can transfer their color to the down and cause deformations in the garment.

Instructions for use:

- For each large garment or two smaller ones, use two 50 ml caps. Use a cap if hand washing.

- Place this product instead of the usual detergent in your washing machine.

- Perform a full cycle wash at 30°C/86°F, or follow the instructions on the label.

- After washing, check that the down has a correct volume distribution. add the dryer balls and perform periodic checks throughout the drying process.

- After drying completely, it is ready for use.

It is indicated for use with Gore-tex® and eVent® linings, natural down and synthetic down.


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