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We deliver to the following countries: Portugal, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kindom, Andorra, Denmark, Hungary, Poland,Czech Republic, Bulgary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Bosnia Herzegovina, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland.

For countries not listed above, please contact us (Spanish or English).

Shipping cost are calculated based on the estimated parcel weight during the shopping process and once the destination address has been recorded. There is no free shipping out of Spain and Portugal. For countries out of the UE the shipping cost doesn't include doesn't include neither custom's clearance cost or taxes to be paid at parcel's arriving. All parcels are insured. 

Delivery times are the following:

France2 - 3 days
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlans,Italy,Luxembourg, United Kingdom3 - 4 days
Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia,Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Sweden4 - 5 days
Norway, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland4 - 6 days
Bulgary,Estonia,Greece,Latvia,Lithuania5 - 6 days 
Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia8 - 10 days

Our products are according with Spanish law, it's your responsability to ensure that all the products you buy agree with your country's laws.

Parcel's maximum weight is 30 kilo, over that weight the shipping method will be disabled and your will have to divide your order in two or more different orders to be shipped separately.

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